The intention of the person who committed acts of harassment must be proven ?
The employer's responsibility to protect its employees is a responsibility of results ?
To constitute psychological or sexual harassment at work, the acts must have taken place at the usual work premises or during normal working hours?
The deadline for filing a complaint with the CNESST is 90 days following the last manifestation of harassment at work ?
I am sick because of the situation I am going through at work. I can apply to Service Canada to try to get Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefits ?
I am unionized. The formal way to file a workplace harassment complaint is by filing a grievance with my union ?
Following the difficult events at work, I feel isolated, humiliated and discouraged. Are these possible consequences of harassment at work ?
My job is federally regulated and I am not unionized. I can file a complaint with the CNESST ?
When I file a complaint with the CNESST, my complaint is directed against my employer ?
I am non-unionized and my job is provincially regulated. I am harassed at work due to my disability. I can file a complaint for discriminatory harassment with the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse ?